India – The Food

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This second post about India is dedicated completely to the food. While the fiance and I didn’t love everything about India, we did love the food (except when they tried to do anything Western). The street food, the fast-food joints, the hidden gems and the well-known restaurants were all just delicious.

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We had two favorite places – Saravana Bhavan and Nizam’s Kathi Kabab. I wish we could have gone to both more – although the wait for Saravana’s was kind of unbelievable. We actually went three times before the line was short enough to make it worth the wait. Other places we really liked were Embassy, which was good but expensive, and Nirula’s, which had fantastic ice cream.

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One thing I seriously recommend not missing is the street food – we made sure we tried pretty much everything we came upon. My favorites were the sweet potatoes with lime – I got minorly addicted – but they also have amazing juices. Yes, you will be drinking out of someone else’s glass (lightly wiped off?), but that fresh-squeezed deliciousness was so good. Our other favorite street drink was the chai, which was like no chai I’ve had before- sweet, spicy and on every corner.

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  1. Well, you’ve made me hungry-time for a visit to the Bombay Grill.

    1. I hope you went! Always good food at the Bombay Grill 🙂

  2. Love the comment about drinking out of lightly wiped off glasses 🙂 Perhaps you could start bringing your own personal travel cup! All of this food looks amazingly delicious!

    1. Ha, yes! It’s risky business being a traveler – maybe a personal travel mug will help 🙂 And doesn’t it look amazing? Ugg I love Indian food!

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