Enjoying a Week Conmigo Mismo

This past week was the first week I really had to be in Shanghai on my own. The fiance was away on business, and although there are many times that I’ll be able to go with him, this was not one of them. So here I was, exploring this big new city all by my little ol’ self. I think I did myself proud.

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Ok so…one thing I have to admit. I really love sandwiches. Usually, Jimmy Johns. But they don’t have that here. So I may have ordered a sandwich…or two…from some sandwich shops in the area while the fiance was away (while the fiance’s away, a girl shall play?). He likes them too, but when he’s here we usually try and eat locally as much as we can, as he knows all the best local Chinese food (think: spicy beef and green beans, delish). I also took the time to walk, sit in some coffee shops and our park, drink green tea, and…catch up on some TV that the fiance doesn’t enjoy as much as I do. You know, Bravo-style. I also went through a few books, so I hope my brain didn’t completely turn to mush. I found a book I absolutely love, if anyone’s interested in picking it up – Mudbound. Highly recommend.

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The weekend was lovely with the fiance back, we napped and then went to try out CaliBurger – an apparent rip-off of In-N-Out, which…I actually think is better. Yup. I know, I know, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it (I mean honestly, nothing’s going to beat Dick’s). Then we spent the day on Sunday exploring the Sinan Mansions area of Shanghai. It was a gorgeous little Sunday and we were able to get some great food and beers at both Shanghai Slim’s and Boxing Cat Brewery, and then we ordered in some of that local Chinese food I mentioned. Spicy with meat and veggies and finally finishing off this last season of Game of Thrones. On to True Detective – completely addicted already.

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