Singapore & Sun


I loved Singapore. It felt like a tropical vacation. Which also came with a burn from some un-sunscreened pool time. (Believe me, I’m going to be piling on the sunscreen on both of us for that honeymoon!) The weather was perfect – humid, but what does that matter when you have amazing food, cold beers and nights out with friends!

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Our first meal there we ate immediately at the Maxwell Road Hawker Center, where we got the chicken rice at Tian Tian, which of course we learned of from Tony Bourdain. That chicken was delish. We then took a nighttime stroll around the quays, and can I just say, I know I come from a city famous for its fish (and throwing fish) but all those crustaceans scrambling around on top of each other in the tanks in front of each restaurant…oy vey. I guess I just can’t imagine cutting into one later with my meal. But yes…I still eat meat. And fish. Hypocritical much?

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The next day we wandered around the city, exploring Raffles Hotel (gorgeous), more of the esplanade and waterfront, and ending up at the Gardens by the Bay. These were amazing. We both especially loved the Cloud Forest Dome, which seemed almost magical, and definitely left us feeling like we had been in a tropical rainforest. We then joined an old friend from my sorority and her hubby for dinner and drinks at the top of the Supertrees. The view from here really left us breathless. And it felt so good to be able to sit outside late at night and still be warm! I love the fact that I can meet up with an old friend all the way across the world – it really makes the world seem so small and connected.

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On my final day in Singapore (the fiance stayed a few more days for work) we had some much-needed pool time and then made our way to another hawker center, where I had the best spicy fried noodles I think I’ve ever had, and the fiance had the infamous soup tulang – where you slurp out the lamb’s bone marrow through a straw. Yup. Doesn’t that sound amaze? I did not indulge. We then may have nearly dozed off before heading back down to Clark Quay (pronounced key) for an evening cruise around their canals. I can’t wait to go back!

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