Spring in Shanghai


Spring has fully arrived in Shanghai, and it is gorgeous. My favorite season of them all, I’d say Shanghai has one of the more beautiful springs I’ve seen. I know people tend to favor autumn, and don’t get me wrong, I love those falling leaves, warm cider and scarves, but I particularly adore everything about spring. The warming days, perfect for a beer outside, the newly blossoming flowers, perfect for a picnic in a park, and the way everyone so appreciates every single blue sky day.

The fiance and I spent the last week hunting for a new apartment, one that will be our permanent apartment here. I’ll write a post later about that whole hunt – it’s certainly an experience, apartment hunting in China. We finally found the perfect apartment and I couldn’t be more in love – it’s more amazing than I could have hoped for, thank God! Now I just want to decorate. But this post I wanted to dedicate to spring in Shanghai and all it’s gorgeousness. So enjoy 🙂

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(He’s so pathetic! But what’s so cute is to see the old grandmothers around here feed them in all the parks.)

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  1. Beautiful! Excited to see more photos of your new apartment!

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